Thursday, 9 April 2015


A month ago I wrote a frustrated blog post about a visit to my health care centre, being a bit worried about a suspicious-looking mole. As some may remember, I was not all happy with the procedure, as I only got to see a nurse (well, to be fair, two nurses) but no doctor, and for some unexplained reason they were not able just then to book me in for a later appointment either.

But they did say I could call back in April. So I did. The phone call at first gave me an eerie feeling of déjà vu, as the procedure suggested seemed to be the same as last time (“you’ll get to see a nurse, and then perhaps a doctor”). However, this time I did get to see a doctor.

Since my last visit, I’d been using my camera to keep record. (My own idea.) This meant I was able to show the doctor now, instead of just trying to explain verbally.

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The GP will write a referral to the dermatology department at the hospital. He does not think it likely to be malignant but it should perhaps be surgically removed anyway.

So story to be continued.


  1. A very good outcome.
    I must say congratulations for taking the photographs. At the moment I am waiting a few weeks so that a mark on my skin can be assessed. The doctor is taking photographs so he can measure any changes. While it is difficult to wait the photographs are evidence that will contribute to an accurate diagnosis. Next time I will be more like you and have a series of photos ready, with something to indicate size and colour.
    My own opinion is that your doctor is pretty good at skin problems. Catching something in the pre-malignant stage is really wise. A small procedure now can save a lot of heartbreak later. And some marks change so rapidly when we are busy having an interesting life.

  2. briliant idea to take a series of photos to show the doctor, finally!

  3. Good idea, glad you followed up. I see my dermatologist every 3-6 months and she took a mole off last week to have it biopsied and it was cancer, a basel cell one and I go in 2 weeks to make sure it's all gone.

  4. great idea with the camera.. and so happy you got the appt for the derm doc... i have had 6 skin cancers removed over the last 13 years.. good luck, i am sure it will be fine.

  5. Oh goodness, such a long period of uncertainty. I also have a mole that my doctor wants a dermatologist to see. I have been taking pictures of mine, too! Aren't we bloggers clever? I await the outcome!

  6. Taking pictures was really a great idea - I wonder why nobody at the clinic suggested it. I hope the dermatologist will give you the "all clear".

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and good wishes. I see I'm not alone! Almost makes one wonder if there's a statistical connection between blogging and skin cancer... (Could be the next sensational health-related news headline, only to be disproved the week after.)

    As for making use of the camera for this purpose, it took me a while before I thought of that. My initial problem was that I could not see the thing close up myself, even using mirrors - I just felt it. That's why I made the first appointment (a month ago), for someone to have a look. Not until that appointment had already been booked did it suddenly hit me how I could also use my camera (even if a bit experimentally) to get a better idea myself what was going on. A bit of a 'duh' moment... (I've taken enough such macros before - just not of my own body!) Ah well. As usual one learns along the way...


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