Saturday, 12 November 2016

TEA - Postcards for the Weekend

DE-3072459-1 PCM

DE-3072459 (from Germany, 2014)

“Abwarten… und Tee trinken!”
“Wait and see, and have some tea” (German proverb)


NL-2278981 (from the Netherlands, 2014)


BY-1573561 (from Belarus, 2015)

“Where there’s TEA there’s HOPE”


BY-1719913 (from Belarus, 2015)

Tea is my favourite drink (I never drink coffee, always tea), and tea-related things is also on my wish-list at Postcrossing. So my difficulty today was not in finding something to fit this week’s theme (coffee/tea/pastries), but rather the opposite (i.e. choosing how many and which of them all to post!)

Weekend Linky Party:


  1. The second one and the last one are my favorites! The last one especially. I have a large assortment of teas. Do you drink herb teas? I like the mints and gingers, also peach and lemon.

  2. Yes, the last one is very decorative. The ones with the quotes I like for the quotes, though! :) - I don't drink a lot of pure herb teas. I usually buy loose leaf tea blends with other herbs and berries etc mixed in to give flavour. I drink both black and green and sometimes also red=rooibos (different plant). Occasionally I do also drink peppermint herb tea.

  3. The first one is my favourite, for the colours and simple (though strong) design, and the promising words, 'abwarten', what will happen next!? :-)

    1. Yes Heleen - funny how some words can be difficult to translate from one language to another, isn't it? I can't think of a proper one-word equivalent for "abwarten" in English. (In Swedish we have the word "avvakta" which comes close, but still not 100%.)

  4. They are all really cute but I think my favorite is the last one with the polka dot teapot. They're all bright and cheerful and cute and sweet

  5. Hi DawnTreader, Wow, your interest in tea gave you several cards that were perfect for this theme. Very nice! I like them all!

  6. These are great cards! I also ask that I receive tea related cards...I love the ones that you posted. I think my favourite is the "Where there is tea, there is hope" one.

  7. But you chose very well... All four postcards are beautiful and interesting to receive!


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