Saturday, 5 November 2016

Winter Is Coming

It’s That Time of Year again. On Thursday we had the first frost (and sunshine), on Friday the first snow...



Frosty wooden deck down by the river (Friday)


Intricate “broken mirror” ice patterns on the shallow pond nearby.


2016-11-03 Halloween

Hastening to cover my clematis plant on the balcony, I accidentally ended up covering myself as well… Booh!!!

(Have you ever tried to fold a huge sheet of thin fibre cloth back into its original neat flat package after cutting off the piece you needed?)


Friday Morning…


Today, all the snow is gone, and we’re back to rain.
But warnings have been issued for more snow tonight and tomorrow.

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Friday My Town (snow is just frozen rain, right?)

Weekend Reflections


  1. your snow made wonderful photo opps for you. I really like your flowers on your balcony with the snow. so pretty. I am sure the flowers were not happy. you make great ghost. that ice looks like a piece of stained glass art that the artist forgot to use colors. gorgeous ice pics

  2. Awesome pictures, especially the pond!! It looks like glass mosaic. So lovely. You make a cute ghost for sure! I hope you got the cloth re-folded.

    1. I'm afraid not, Ginny. I managed to banish the ghost to my basement storage room and lock it in there, though!

  3. Oh brrrrr! We were in the 80's this week and today was 70, I'm ready for Autumn, but not yet winter.

    1. I could say the same, but it came anyway! :)

  4. That's a lot of snow! We haven't had any yet, although I've dreamt it had snowed already twice over the past week or so.
    Love the picture of you "under cover" :-D
    And the ice patterns... beautiful!
    First night frost from Thursday to Friday, but a little warmer again now.

    1. Meike, I can't imagine how they manage to fold those covers into neat flat packages in the first place. I suppose they have machines to do it, but still!!! (lol)

  5. Heavens above! And yes I have tried to do that trick with the fibre cloth. I have a large roll in the garden weighed down so that it can't escape!

    1. Graham, good to know someone understands what it was I was up against... No way I could fit it back into the package I bought it in, so I ended up making a sort of roll of mine too, put it in a large paper carrier bag and took it down to my basement storage room. Quite possibly next time I open that door it might have swelled again and will jump out of the bag and shout booh!


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