Sunday, 20 November 2016

Weekend Reflections

It has become a tradition in my town to have a little pre-advent ceremony when we officially turn on the Christmas lights, on the weekend before the 1st Advent weekend.

I wasn’t feeling “100%” yesterday so wasn’t sure I’d be going… But the rain stopped and it cleared up a bit in the afternoon, and it wasn’t too cold, and I was feeling better - so I decided to go out for a little walk anyway, and then let my feet decide… And my feet decided to take me into town after all.

2016-11-19 centrum, julbelysning
“Before and after”

Going into town, passing Bodhi in the river

Illuminated street art under a bridge.

I’m rarely out walking in town late at night,
so I’m not sure I’ve seen the art “in this light” before.
This time of year it gets dark early – the ceremony was at 4 pm.

People gathering on a bridge in the Park,
waiting for the Home Guard Music Corps.


Tadaa! Drum roll, and the lights are on.



Marching on towards the Main Square…


… and another “aaaw” as the Christmas Tree lights up.
(And no – the tree is not really leaning all that much…
That’s just my camera trying to get it all into the picture.)

Going back home.

Passing by Bodhi again.


Not sure these lights in some trees
in the middle of a roundabout
are supposed to “be” anything at all;
but to me, from a certain angle,
they looked like two deer (or reindeer?)

Weekend Reflections

Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. I like the before and after of no lights and lights at the beginning. I do love lights at night, I love reflections of anything, but lights reflected are my favorite. glad you took the walk

  2. Love the festive decorations and lights everywhere. I truly brings me in a great mood and i also think it's a great way to get the community together.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I saw some of these on Facebook and was hoping you would post them here, for a bigger look. WONDERFUL!! It gives me such a feel for Boras. Your reflections are outstanding; you even captured the church steeple reflection. Yes, the lights DO look like two deer. Your first set of pictures; the before and after, are truly stunning. I like the lit up bare trees better than the Christmas tree, to me they are prettier. Has this artwork always been under the bridge, or was it just painted for the holidays? The paintings do not look particular to Christmas. What a great evening tour of Boras at Christmas time!

  4. I am so glad your feet decided to go to the ceremony!
    And when I saw the last picture, my first thought was "How nice, two reindeer" - I am sure it was deliberate.
    Our Christmas Market's official opening ceremony is tomorrow at 7 pm - and of course my Mum and I will be there!

  5. I, too, am glad your feet did the talking and walking. The displays are, as usual, beautiful. And I agree that the last picture looks like two reindeer.

  6. I enjoyed your beautiful photos.


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