Saturday 4 February 2017

Postcard for the Weekend – Happiness

Once again I found at least one recent card to fit Maria’s weekly postcard theme. The little mice below certainly look very happy - and made me happy as well, when they came dancing through the letter slot in my door. As I don’t know Russian, I have no idea what exactly they are celebrating… But I managed to decipher the name of the artist to be Olga Ionajtis. (An image search on that name leads on to lots of other wonderful illustrations as well.) 170125  RU-5371469; by Olga Ionajtis

RU-5371469 (from Russia, January 2017)

Postcards for the Weekend


  1. They are just adorable! And look, instead of a cake, there is a giant chunk of Swiss cheese. When Ella was little, she used to call Swiss cheese "Mouse cheese".

  2. I like the little mouse in the blue overalls. this is so sweet. this goes on my favorite list

  3. Delightful - I like the little spider with the cross on its back.

  4. Adorable, love the dancing mice and the idea of berries as celebration lights.

  5. Looks like a big celebration with a slice of a cheese!! Happiness indeed! Love the cobweb detail overlapping with the rest of the colored illustration :D Lots of big smiles from this one Monica! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. What a happy party! I love this postcard, too.

  7. Cheese = Happiness. I thought that was rather too brief a comment so I decided I'd add a wee bit of Latin to liven things up but couldn't think of an apposite saying so I made one up: Beatus ergo sum ego manducare caseum.

    1. Graham, your Latin is definitely better than mine. I had to take help from google to translate that; and as for "making something up" in Latin, I never would dare try...! (It did cross my mind though, when I looked at the card, that the piece of cheese in itself might be the cause of the celebration...)


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