Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Fickleness of Early Spring


As I said a week ago:
spring in mid February is never to be trusted…”

Early this morning I woke up to a snowstorm. Before the plow had been round, the ground was covered in more white stuff than I’ve seen all winter. It soon turned back to rain though, and this evening it’s all been washed away again. The photo was taken at some point in between…

Meanwhile – not today, but last week, inspired by the sun – I put my spring/summer curtains back up in the kitchen …


… and also changed some decorations in the living room.


Alas tulips only last a week (at most). But I also bought a couple of flowering potted plants that will last a bit longer.

Some time a bit further on in spring I think I shall have to get a new camera. My little Casio is getting old and tired… (My blog, which remembers more than I do, informs me that I’ve had it since 2011.) The flash has not been working for a while, and lately it has started seeing black spots (or one) when zooming. I was very puzzled by this at first. For one thing, I have very similar black fuzzy floaters in my own eyes as well (from PVD)…! So it took me a while (not sure how long) to realize that the smudges I’d noticed in some recent winter photos were actually from inside the camera.

(In some photos it’s harder to spot than in others…)

Ah well. A good excuse to start looking around for a new camera when “proper” spring starts showing its colours…


  1. Hi! Here in Michigan today the sun is shinning and it is close to 70 degrees. And if you know Michigan, this is our Winter season so very warm different weather than what we usually have this time of year. Snow is all gone!

    1. Our snow was all gone too, Doreen... But no such high temperatures as that here yet. :)

  2. We haven't had any snow yet, and I am convinced the spring is here to stay. Your tulips are so beautiful! And I love your spring curtains. I need to start decorating for spring, but as soon as I do, it will snow. It is SO much fun to shop for a new camera!!

    1. Ginny,you'd better wait a bit longer with the spring decorations then (so that it doesn't snow!) :)

  3. We're expecting a storm today, with severe weather warnings from the authorities, especially for parts of Germany up North. In my area, I don't think it will be more than very strong wind; so far, it is calm out there and I can even see patches of blue in the sky with the sun trying to come through.
    It is supposed to get up to 16 Celsius here today, then drop down to about 8 tomorrow, only to slowly climb again to maybe 12 over the weekend... rollercoaster, here we come :-)

  4. It's muddy and will-it-or-won't-it weather here as well. But I'm sure spring is just around the corner.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Good description, Mersad. And you're probably right about spring, too! :)

  5. I really enjoy the way you change your kitchen with the seasons. it gives your flat a new look each time and flowers are so happy and full of joy.. sounds like it is time for a new camera.. my memory depends on my blog to.. I can always find when I bought something from the blog since I document every thing in stories. recently I checked the blog to see when we bought my SUV and it has been 3 years. how did that happen

    1. Thanks Sandra. I like changing decorations with the seasons. I guess it gives me some kind of (fake) feeling of control... (LOL)

  6. Ironically whilst the rest of the UK to the South has endures Storm Doris and the remnants of Ireland's storm we've been having relatively benign but very mixed weather: ie sunny/warm/bitterly cold/torrential rain all mixed up but little in the way of gales. Contented sigh!


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