Sunday, 16 April 2017


We’ve had rather a chilly Easter in Sweden – in many places, and even in the south, they even had around 10 cm (4 inches) of snow. So far, just around here, we have not had any snowfall. But last night there were warnings of the temperature falling several degrees below freezing point over night. (And it did.) So actually the last thing I did before going to bed on Easter Eve, was to take in my three pots of daffodils from the balcony, and hang a blanket over the budding clematis…

I’m a bit worried about the many ornamental cherry blossom trees that were just beginning to spring into bloom around town. But not much I can do about that!

170414 Caroli kyrka långfredag

Walking into town on Friday to attend a church service, I passed by this lovely tree below, which is the only one I’ve seen so far putting on a full display already:

170414 Körsbärsblom 1

170414 Körsbärsblom 2

170414 Körsbärsblom 3

Yesterday, I went to check on another group of such trees in a park on my side of town, but found them still hesitating (and no wonder):



In my mind, seeing these threes in bloom is also connected with the eager buzzing of hundreds of bumble bees… In the chilly winds yesterday, however, not a single little buzz to be heard…

My computer seems to think Easter Day a lovely day for attempts at various Windows updates again - so I think I’ll just try to get this post off now, such as it is, and then leave the computer to its resurrection games….

Happy Easter to you all.


  1. the last two times I had those updates it did crazy things to my computer. I am sick of it but no way to not get the updates. the trees are so pretty, I hope the cold does not mess with them... hope your balcony flowers make it through under their blanket

    1. I'm very tired of it as well and never know how best to deal with it. Today I feel I've given the computer loads of time for updates and yet it seems only to have managed two out of a long list. (sigh)

  2. Resurrection games for your computer today, everything is getting in on the Easter act! I think my favorite here is your closeup of the beautiful pink tree buds. They look like a beautiful budding flower, or even a tulip poplar tree. Finally Spring is springing there! But of course every good thing is worth waiting for. I hope you have a wonderful day and a meaningful church service!

    1. No church for me today, I was (am) too tired. I went on Palm Sunday and Good Friday though, to that church in the photos. A friend of mine sings in the choir, and on Good Friday (in that particular church) they always sing acapella (the human voice being the only "instrument" used in that service).

  3. Happy Easter, hope it doesn't get too cold and that the cherry blossoms are ok.

    1. Janet, I went back to that park today to check on those trees - I don't think the flowers had "died" but they did look a bit depressed... poor things!

  4. You have a lovely place to walk and how nice you can walk to church. Brr, stay warm. Happy Easter.

  5. Happy Easter! I think that the cherry blossoms can probably deal with wide variations of weather - I hope so anyhow. They look so pretty!

  6. Well, Easter is over now, but I am glad you did get to those two services and saw some blossoms out!
    It has been raining here all weekend (which was very welcome), and this morning it even snowed! It is not cold enough for the snow to stay, but I am still sorry for the little baby birds. Also, it is a little worrying that just when the fruit trees are in full bloom, the bees can not fly. But like you said, nothing I can do about it.


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