Saturday, 22 April 2017

It Is Here


I went to pick up the new laptop yesterday, and managed to bring it home safely. So far, so good! It started smoothly - and oh, so quickly and silently compared to the old one! (But then the new one really doesn’t have all that much in it to wrestle with yet!)

The store did the initial set-up of Microsoft 10 + antivirus software for me. But I still had various registration processes to complete when I got it. (Actually not sure I’ve even managed all of those properly yet. I spent most of yesterday reading the Windows 10 manual - again…) And then to collect and install and log into other software that I’m used to having… It will no doubt take some time! After seven years with my old laptop, it’s a bit like “moving house”. Almost worse in some ways, considering the billons of accounts and apps and passwords involved! Oh dear…

Someone wanted to know what I bought. It’s an ASUS K756UW-T4071T. Should anyone happen to find any info or reviews about it anywhere else than at Swedish Media Markt where I bought it, please tell me. I haven’t succeeded so far! (I’m beginning to think I really bought the One and Only!)

It is the same size as my old computer, with a 17.3” screen. It has 8 GB RAM (2x4), Intel Core i5 processor, two hard drives 128+1000 GB, all the same ports as my old one (+ USB 3.0 and 3.1 which I didn’t have on the old one), DVD burner, bluetooth, memory card reader, webcam… If anything essential is missing, or not working as it should, I haven’t discovered that yet!

I might give the machine a more personal nickname later, but we’ll get to know each other a bit first…

I’m still using Bella, the old laptop, to write this post. I have got the new one to connect to the internet, though; and besides Google Chrome I’ve also managed to download Firefox and sync my bookmarks saved there. I normally use Firefox in Blogland, because of how my DawnTreader blog accounts were initially set up. (In Chrome, I appear under a different identity and it gets so very confusing. So I find it easier to switch browsers for different jobs, rather than to go through the hassle of logging in and out of Google on the same browser, depending on what I’m doing.)

All my personal files (photos and documents and whatever) are still either on the transition drive or on the old computer. I’m trying to get some things better organised in the process.

Luckily while all this is going on, I also have my smartphone to help me keep an eye on what I’m “missing”…

Now I’m going to relax just passively watching TV the rest of the evening, though!




  1. I did a quick search and found nothing but what you found.. have PHUN moving....

  2. Sounds good; congratulations once again for having found "the one and only" :-)))
    Like you, I use Firefox for blogging and most other internet purposes. My computer is also an Asus model, but I think it is about 8-9 years old now, and I know at some stage I will have to get a new one. For now, I am happy with it, still running WIN7 without a problem, whereas my work laptop (an MSI model) runs under WIN10.

    1. Meike, of course You have to use Firefox! - knowing you like foxes ;)
      I'm installing one app at a time on the new machine, taking time to figure things out. (I'm writing this comment in Ffx on the new laptop just now...) In between, I'm copying files from the old computer to an external hard drive and am reorganizing them a bit there before I decide what to send on to the new laptop.

  3. It won't take you long to get used to the new laptop. I have a Windows 10 laptop for work, and an Apple Macbook for personal use. It takes a bit of getting used to switching between the two!
    I agree it is a bit like moving house.

    1. I've never had an Apple device yet so I decided to stick with Windows "after all" (meaning trouble with the updates on my old laptop).

  4. Always nice to get a new laptop. It's a beauty. I'm not a tech person, so some of your post was Greek to me. HaHa.

    1. Wanda, I'm afraid computer language is mostly 'Greek' to me too. Trying to learn along the way, though. So that's why I'm taking my time now, trying to think through what I'm doing while I'm installing things to the new one.

  5. May you both have a long and happy relationship.


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