Friday, 14 April 2017

Postcards for the Weekend - Spring

What to look for in spring...

Little Lambs, and Ladybirds 

Postcrossing card sent from Australia, March 2017
Doors to Dreamy Gardens

From Ginny in the US, February 2017

Wild Women on Wheels

From Jarina in the Netherlands, March 2017
(Artist: Inge Löök)
Cute Cuddly Chicks  

Postcrossing card from Germany, July 2016 (DE-5373629)

Eggcited Easter Bunnies

From John in England, April 2017
(Artist unknown)

... and Beautiful Butterflies

From Jarina in the NL, April 2017
(Artist: Molly Brett)

Happy Easter Weekend, Everyone!

Weekend Linky Party:
Postcards for the weekend 33: Spring, flower buds & blossoms, green foliage


  1. they are ALL perfect for this season and each one is cute and pretty and sweet...

  2. I love the Wild Women On Wheels, it is so much fun, different and funny! For some reason, I have not been able to see my card! But that's alright, since I already know what it looks like. Thanks for showing it! I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Monica!

  3. Always look forward to your postcards. Have a happy Easter

  4. For Easter motives, I like the last two best, but generally, you are probably not surprised to read it is the one with the door to the secret garden that attracts me most :-)

  5. Very nice selection of cards for this week's theme. Happy Easter to you!

  6. Happy Easter to you Monica! These cards are beautiful and the one with the chick is totally adorable!

  7. Looks like the lambs like the old ladies are running riot. Nice spring collection, Happy Easter.


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