Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Spy...

I spy with my little camera eye... Do you see what I saw?

Mrs Mallard with her young ones out for a swim in the river - rather well camouflaged among the water-lily leaves.

Mummy, look! We can walk on these things floating in the river...

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  1. What an awesome find, Monica!! No, I did not see them at all in the first picture. Then I read what you said, and knew what to look for, so I finally found them. What a perfect disguise! And they need it, the babies have no defense, and are an easy target for so many hungry creatures. I adore the babies walking on the lily pads!! It is like something out of a fairy tale. Well, they must be light as a, many feathers. Wonderful post today!

    1. With winds stirring the water and the leaves of the trees casting their shadows over the water, even harder to detect what's what ;)

  2. Aren't ducklings among the most adorable animal babies?

    1. They'd probably end up quite high on a ranking list, yes :)

  3. I LOVE THIS! in the first one I could hardly find them, they are sooooo cute. what a precious family


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