Friday, 2 June 2017

Postcards for the Weekend - Country Maps

Postcard map of Sweden, featuring some typical tourist attractions

Postcrossing card from China, 2014 - Chinese Food Map

Postcrossing card from India, 2014 - Incredible India
(featuring the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world)

I hope none of my postcards sent to people in April and May have gone astray. I learned this week that our postage was raised again from 1st April... Happily unaware of that, I have probably been sending out a few with not quite enough stamps on them...

Weekend Linky Party: 
Postcards for the weekend 40 - Country maps


  1. The first postcard looks so familiar. What I love about it is bee & bluebell, flag, goldfinch, snail, and yellow flower where the water pump is dripping. So you might say I love the entire thing. I hope your cards got sent. The thing with postcards is there is no room to put a return address.The foods of areas of China is very clever. How are you and how did your re-check go?

  2. I really really like the Sweden card with the moose. excellent

  3. Those postcards remind me of some I sent when I used to spend every summer on Sicily for 10 years, during my first marriage. I often chose a postcard with a map of the island, and marked "our" village with a pen, so that people knew how far away from "everything" we were there...!

  4. Oh wow! These postcards are all fantastic! The first postcard makes me miss Sweden even more!

  5. I have that same Swedish card - I love seeing what countries (or counties) decide to use to illustrate their maps!
    The India card is a beautiful design.


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