Sunday, 18 March 2018

Postcards for the Weekend–Sunrise/Sunset

Doesn’t matter which part of the world we’re in – we all seem to marvel at the sunrise/sunset!


Postcrossing card from Finland, 2014


Postcrossing card from Switzerland, 2014


Postcrossing card from Ukraine, 2014


Postcrossing card from South Africa, 2014

And to see a sunset from Sweden, go to Maria’s blog:

Winking smile

Weekend Linky Party:

Postcards for the Weekend 77: Sunrise/Sunset


  1. You are absolutely right. All these postcards are gorgeous!

  2. I've never been able to make up my mind whether I prefer sunrises for their optimism of the coming day or sunsets for their signifying the coming of rest.

  3. The African one is stunning! My next favorite would be Switzerland. Wish I could find cards this pretty.

  4. Like most people, I never get enough of watching beautiful sunsets or sunrises. It must be something common to all humanity, probably been going on for 40.000 years or so.
    By the way, if you meant to link to Maria's blog by the smily at the end of your post, there is no link there; at least not one that I can click on.

  5. They are all lovely. And yes, the colours of the beginnings and ends of the days are very special to us humans. Perhaps, because like crayfish, they are rare and don't last long!

  6. Meike, Maria's blog is Postcards for the Weekend. The link is on and below the postbox (not the smiley). She chose a card I sent her for her post this week.

  7. sun rising and sun setting, beautiful the world over, the buildings style changes, the rise and setting doesn't....

  8. Very nice postcards! How I wish I'm in that boat on the postcard from Zurich. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! I like Switzerland the best, it is gorgeous.


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