Monday, May 14, 2018

Beach Life

Today was another sunny day with warm summer temperatures even though we’re only in mid May. Nature is still a bit confused about it all, and giving us both spring and summer all mixed up. My balcony was definitely too hot this afternoon, so I decided to take the bus across town to the lakeside beach instead. I’m pleased that the new bus line introduced last year is still running! - as it takes me from my closest bus stop directly to that beach in 15 minutes. In winter I have not felt tempted though. (For one thing the café and other services – toilets – are only open in summer.) Last year (not the warmest of summers) I think it was not until July that I went out there a few times. I blogged some photos from there back then as well. But the ones below are all from today.



Barn opposite the bus stop.

Welcome sign with map of the beach area.


Some things allowed, others not… :)




Main building with café


The back of the main building


Extra ice cream kiosk, only open on busy days :)


Parking lot pretty full of cars.


School holidays still 3-4 weeks away, but one wouldn’t guess that from all the people of all ages spending this Monday afternoon at the beach!


There were some more quiet spots to be found too, though.


I strolled off on a walk away from the beach area as well, but will save those photos for another post.


I kept to the rules and did not dive from this bridge, though!

Just to remind you (and myself):
Two months ago (17th March) my world was still frozen!


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  1. This is a beautiful place! I especially like the tall old trees, the little tiny footbridge, and the lake. I do notice that the sign says NO bikes, but there is a bike!! Call the park police!

    1. Yes ... I think the main point is not to actually ride the bike within the fenced area, though. But one is probably meant to park it outside as well.

  2. it really is beautiful and so GREEN, i know you were more than happy to see sunshine and feel warmth while you walked. i like the photo of the foot bridge hidden in the trees. and also i like that all the signs can be read by anyone that speaks any language... sign language! love it

    1. Yes, this past week all the greens of nature have just "exploded" on us, and everything is still looking so fresh... Beautiful time of year.

  3. A wonderful area, especially with all that fresh green-ness of this year's "sprummer"! Glad you didn't dive off the bridge ;-)

    1. Meike, I was never a good swimmer and the idea to dive from anywhere would not even occur to me... But I guess that warning sign was put up here because there is probably shallow water beneath (where the river joins the lake).

  4. I think that in the reasonable weather I would definitely be drinking a lot of coffee in that beach café. The fact that you can get to it on the direct bus in such a short time is wonderful. It takes me longer to drive to the Castle Grounds in Stornoway.

    1. Graham, in the past it was (or would have been) a longer route for me to get out there, including change of bus in the city. And until we sold the house (in the village outside town, also within a short walk from another beach along the same lake) it was usually there I went instead when I wanted to get out of the city in the summer. Glad that this 'new' (easy) alternative turned up last year. The bus only goes weekday afternoons, but that suits me well enough. I feel no need to go every day! but nice to know I can go rather spontaneously if I feel like it.


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