Monday, 21 May 2018

So Fast

We’re still caught in an unusually long early spell of warm weather here and Nature seems to be in such a rush just now that I can’t keep up. I keep snapping photos but I never find the time to publish them until they’re already “out of date”… I went out to the lake again today, same place that I visited last Monday, and I noticed (for example) what had happened to this one tree in exactly one week… Flowers gone, fruits/berries (whatever they are) formed…

2018-05-14--21 green

I also noticed these ferns today, which I can’t recall having paid attention to last week – so they probably unfurled over the past week as well.




  1. The fern looks indeed very young, tender and fresh. The tree is an apple tree, if I am not very much mistaken.
    I was astonished to see the first red cherris appear on trees in the orchards around O.K.'s village this past weekend! The ones on the tree in front of my kitchen window are still completely green.

  2. nature is never out of date. love those ferns.

  3. I've had the same thing. Spring has rushed upon us and I haven't been blogging, for various reasons, but then when I do, I've been overtaken! I wish I had been able to blog, there was so much I'd have liked to write about early May!
    I don't know what that tree is, but could it be a cherry?

  4. Meike & Jenny, I suppose I shall have to visit that tree again later in the season to check! It does not stand in a garden now, but I suppose the ground may once have been part of a private garden. Or perhaps it just grew from a pip all by itself :)


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