Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More Lakeside Views


Strolling off for a little walk along the west side of the lake first. (This photo is looking back towards the beach.)

One does not get very far here; but some nice views with boats and piers.
And this time of year, all the shifting shades of fresh greens in nature!










You can hardly see it, hidden in the shadows, but in this spot there is also the refreshing sound of water from a brook splashing down the hillside.

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  1. I like all the upside down boats but my favorite picture is the one of the big boat sitting there waiting for people to ride. Such a beautiful spot so much beautiful Greenery and the Lakeview is just magnificent

  2. All so beautiful and peaceful! And is that a houseboat? Do people live on them there? I also love your close-up shots of the trees. Is that path made from pavement? I would love it, because Phil could wheel me on it. I miss most of the nature paths here, because they are gravel or dirt and not wheelchair friendly.

    1. Ginny, Sandra is right and the boat is used for tours on the lake sometimes. Not currently on a regular schedule, though, I think. The road is partly pavement, partly gravel if memory serves me right - it's just a driveway for access to the small boat harbour and a few houses. It doesn't go very far, it seems to end at one of the properties. The public road ends at the entrance to the beach area.

  3. Maybe The Mad One is right, and the boat is to take people for rides; never thought of that.

  4. Now that you know you can get there by bus so easily, I am sure you'll be at the lake more often - lovely area for walking or resting!
    Is the big boat in one of the pictures a pleasure boat you can go on, or someone's private one?

    1. Stupid me, I should have read the other comments (and your reply)!

    2. Not stupid at all, Meike :) I don't think my reply to Ginny was even up yet when you posted your comment. I didn't have time to continue with more replies last night though, as my computer was about to restart for updates!

      The bus out to the lake only runs on weekday afternoons. Somehow they seem to assume that on weekends, everyone has access to a car?! although I'm pretty convinced that not everyone does... But yes, it's a lovely spot, and in the right kind of weather on the right kind of day, I'll probably be making use of it again :)


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