Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Clematis Alpina

The clematis on my balcony are in bloom - again. Each year in spring I am astonished at their ability to survive the winter out there. 

When I first uncovered them this year (I wrap them up in fibre cloth for winter and hope for the best...), I was almost certain that the one on the left must have died, as there were no signs of life at the bottom...

Further up on the trellis, the branches of the two plants are all entangled in each other though, and it's impossible to sort them out from one another. 

 So one has to wait for the flowers before one can tell.

And again it turned out that after all there is still life in both plants - revealed by the fact that the flowers are different colours!



Our World Tuesday


  1. I like that they are intertwined. The two colours look good together.

  2. each year I am also amazed. they just keep coming back... I like both colors and so glad the entwined plants are both living.

  3. I have been waiting for this, like I do every year. They are beautiful, and I love the blue and purple!! This must be the perfect location for them. We tried some many years ago and they never even bloomed.

  4. I love Clematis but it is too windy here to consider and I don't think they could like the salt laden air either.

  5. Beautiful - they look like summer already! Are they always out this early?

    1. Meike, this sub-species of Clematis does usually bloom in May, yes. There are others kinds that bloom later as well.


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