Sunday, 26 June 2022

Seeking Shadow

More photos from my walk in the afternoon of Midsummer Eve. As I said in the previous post, it was very hot - and along the way, choosing where to go, I came up with the motto "no more than two minutes between shadows"... (phew)

Palm tree (in a pot), where I entered the city park.

One of my favourite sculptures, I keep forgetting its name but it makes me think of ancient 'magic portals' to other worlds...

The sound of the fountain in the river is refreshing on a hot day.

Nowadays it's possible to walk along the river about half the way between the city centre and where I live. (It wasn't always.) A blessing on a hot summer day - and all year round, really...

▲A pond belonging to some apartment buildings overlooking the river.▼

▲View from one of the bridges crossing the river. There are apartment buildings on one river bank (left); on the other side, the path splits, and you can either follow the river for a little bit longer (until the next bridge), or turn right, up a little hill to an old cemetery.▼


I sat down to rest for a while on a bench in the shadow.


I've kept walking around, along and across this cemetery almost daily for 14 years now - i.e. ever since I moved to where I now live. When going into town I walk either along or across it (and then I can choose from basically three different ways to continue). But the cemetery is also a really good place to just go for a short stroll - only a few minutes from home, away from traffic, and with big old trees providing shadow in the summer, and a variety of flowers to enjoy from spring to autumn. 


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  1. Great strolling along with you in the shadier spots.

  2. I love what I call sun painting or shadow paintings. nothing is as beautiful as these photos. the last one is perfect, shadow and sun, sun and shadow. you did good on your shadow walking

  3. What beautiful photographs and how inviting that shade looks!

  4. Those blue irises are wonderful!
    And isn‘t it funny how even just the sound of water - such as the fountain - is refreshing?

    1. It really is, Meike. In recent years they've also added some smaller water features in the city centre, which I also appreciate. (Maybe an idea for another photo walk...)

  5. I love how you have options to walk. More places should be like that. I love the blue flowers in the pond.

  6. My favorite is the beautiful blue Iris, and the walkway.

  7. Thanks Everyone for your refreshing comments :)

  8. That's a very pretty pond and even prettier flowers, the joys of Summer

  9. What a restful place! Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

  10. In many ways I envy you your walk into town. I havre to use a car and I'm in town two or three times a day very often. Today is one of those days and I'm now off to play bowls so my next catch-up will probably be tomorrow.


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