Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mid January


It’s been snowing again since yesterday. I’ve been staying in today, taking down the last of my Christmas things – well, almost. I’m in the habit of taking things down in reversed order to how I put them up. My Christmas tree and various little angels and gnomes and such are usually only up for a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Year. The electric candles and window stars, which I put up for 1st Advent, usually get to stay until mid January. Even now it feels strangely empty without them the first couple of days - even though I put other window lamps back up instead. The outdoor lights on the balcony will get to stay a bit longer though – especially since they’ve just been snowed over again! The red/white kitchen curtains will stay up for a few more weeks too; as will the poinsettia, still thriving.



  1. The curtains look so cheerful, they'd look great all year round. And the poinsettia can stay for as long as it is thriving, right?

  2. It looks a little cool outside.
    Best thing to do is stay in.

  3. i always feel relieved when it is gone and the house looks so clean and no decorations. i like the way your window looks in this photo and the curtains could stay year round. i like them a lot. i have never changed my curtains until they rotted from old age and i got rid of them, or if i got sick of them and wanted a new look.

  4. Your window is beautiful!!! It looks like a magazine cover. And the Poinsettia matches your curtains.

  5. By the way, why would ANYONE be out there in that weather walking behind a plow???

  6. Your red and white curtains always look so cheerful through the winter.

  7. Snow, snow glorious snows,
    There's nothing quite like it
    for cooling the toes.

    With apologies


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