Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Cable and the Consequences

‘a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon’


The Hall was mentioned a lot in the [mis]information letters as being the place where it would all start from. However, the Cable’s chosen way in and out of the flat turned out to be the phone jack in my Study. (Which means the Hall did not get involved at all, except of course as entrance for the Guys who did the job.)


From the phone jack the Cable turned left along a piece of wall I did not anticipate would be involved (so nothing there had been moved in advance) ...


… and went up in the corner, to continue steadfastly to the left over the window…


… and magically disappear through the wall into the next room …


… to continue over the windows in that room as well…
… Oops, sorry! We’ll have to move the bookcase! …

DSCN5063 [2010]
(‘Before’ photo from my archives)


… because the new magic cable box turned out to be too big to fit above the old sockets beside the window …

2013-01-08--10 Kabeldragning, kaos2


The folded piece of paper stuck in behind the magic box forbids me to plug it in yet. Before I am allowed to do that I shall have to read more INFORMATION that will be sent to me…

Conversation at the end of the day:
Cable guys: We’ll move the bookcase back now…
Terrified tenant: No, no, no… Stop!!!


My photo albums got to sit on the sofa for a day or two – while yours truly did not get to sit much at all.

But “all’s well that ends well” – n’est-ce pas?

2013-01-08--10 Kabeldragning, kaos3

The bookcase has gone to live in the study, while one of two small chests of drawers from there has moved into the sitting room instead. (The bookcase is happy, and the chest of drawers will just have to get used to it.)

As for me, I end up asking myself, like blogging friend GB did recently: “Why, oh why, didn't I do this 5 years ago?” (or 4½ in my case, as that’s when I moved in)


  1. So, what everyone is waiting for eagerly now is the next letter of (mis-)information "they" are going to send you, right?

  2. Right, Meike :) The actual switch to the new broadband is a couple of months away yet - I'm still on the old cable.

  3. i like it moved around, you have a really nice flat... i love that chair i see in the living room, the recliner one. that is what i need for my legs... hope you get it hooked up soon and no problems with the new, except we know there will be a learning curve....

  4. Thanks Sandra. Fortunately I quite like it too, now that it's done. I'm glad it was enough to move those two pieces around, though! - I do love my recliner chair too, it was good investment. Real leather and very comfortable.

  5. Well, I really love getting a tour of your apartment! Here are my questions: Is this setup supposed to work for everyone in your building....or your floor...or just you? Or did they do this in everyone's apartment? Is your computer now fiber optic connected? Do you notice a big difference? My favorite thing here is your picture of the inside of the cable!! Fabulous idea and really interesting to see all of that, I have just been staring.

    1. Wooh, Ginny, you're back in questioning form... ;) I don't know half the answers. They are installing the new cable in every apartment on the estate, whether the present tenant wants to use it or not. There are probably around 40 apartment buildings of similar size to mine involved (I never counted). How many varieties there are of flat layouts, I have no idea. The basic info is they put the media box close to the old TV socket; and one extra socket in the bedroom closest to the sitting room. We're not yet connected to the new cable, they're just setting it up. The old cable system for both broadband and TV will be taken out of use later in the year. There are still other options for broadband though (via the telephone wires). It will probably be another two months or so before I can get connected to the new cable.

  6. I like to use my computer, but not move around things.

    1. I agree with you there, Ann! Well, at least I'm not unhappy with the result so far.

  7. “All’s well that ends well” - Shakespeare had a lot to answer for when he wrote that line!

  8. I'm not a great one for change like that but sometimes I just go for it and for fibre-optic broadband I'd put up with quite a lot.


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