Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunrise Silhouettes


We have another very cold week behind us. I’ve not been out much except for going  to my physiotherapy in the rehab pool at the hospital (two mornings a week) or grocery shopping (usually a bit later in the day).

The photo above was taken with my phone camera when going to the bus stop last Monday, at about 8:50 in the morning. The one below with the proper camera from my balcony on Friday morning at 8:15 (just sticking my head out very quickly for the photo…)


Over the weekend the sun has not been getting up, but has pulled the clouds over its head, shaking down some more snow over us. (Not so much that it make’s much difference though.) I’ve mostly been following it’s example – wrapping myself in blankets and escaping to other worlds by magic (books).


  1. all that beauty right outside your window/door... that first one is great, i love the pole right in the middle breaking up the trees and fiery sky

  2. Thanks Sandra. I feel my blog this January has been all weather reports and book reviews ;) There's nothing "going on" in town this time of year, and I've not been anywhere, and most of the time since New Year it's been very dull from photography point of view. And two more months of that to get through before we can expect any real signs of spring!

  3. That blanket and travel to other worlds via books is the best plan for that weather, and the brilliant sunrises are a promise spring will arrive.

  4. The colours and silhouettes are so beautiful!

  5. First yellow, then pink. Beautiful!

  6. Oh you did great with both those pictures. Just breathtaking.

  7. Very nice. I like this time of year

  8. Wonderful skies Monica: there's a warmth in their very coldness (does that make sense to you?).


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