Friday, 22 March 2013

More Zoo Babies

No less than twelve (5+7) little Cheetah cubs were born this winter at Borås zoo.

Eight African Wild Dog puppies

and one Bongo Antelope calf named Hero.


Photos from


  1. Aaaaw those little Cheetahs! Who wouldn't want to cuddle them! We can't help it - we're "programmed" that way, but that doesn't take away the delight in seeing such adorable creatures.

  2. they are all so beautiful and i am in love with Hero..

  3. I'll give the wild dogs a miss but the others are delightful. Ever since I saw a program on wild dogs they have really scared me. But the
    Cheetahs look so cuddly. Illogical, I know.

    1. I've never actually managed to see the wild dogs when visiting the zoo. They are in a very large enclosure with lots of "nature", and they seem to prefer to keep away from the people!

  4. Oh my gosh, the antelope baby looks like he was painted!!! And the cheetah babies are so cute...I notice the longer fur on their backs. you got some amazing pictures!!!

    1. Not my photos, they are from the zoo website.
      (Please notice I did say that at the bottom of the post!)

  5. Oh golly gumdrops, baby animals are always the cutest.
    Seeing the wild dogs, that Meryl Streep line always comes back to me "the dingo's got my baby!" (A Cry in the Dark).
    Loved the baby cheetahs, and Hero takes the cake with his awesome coloured pattern.


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