Saturday, 16 March 2013

Still Hanging On…





Incredibly blue sky today… Still very cold for March. After such a hard winter I was surprised to note this tree with so many apples still hanging on to it.

Straight Out of the Camera


  1. all three are beautiful. i love the tops of the fence in front of that gorgeous old tree. that is odd to have the apples hanging on all through the snow and ice

  2. Radiant blue! Beautiful! The apples are determined to squeeze out all the juice of living! And adore the wrought iron framing the first scene!

  3. Good grief, I've never seen the like!!! You were really sharp to spot it.

  4. I am rather surprised some birds didn't make a meal or two out of them!

  5. how strange! I'm like Shirley that the birds didn't help themselves to the apples. sharp eye at seeing these

  6. I, too, am surprised that the blackbirds and starlings hadn't finished them off although the former prefer them to have fallen to the ground first.

  7. That is strange that the birds did not eat these apples on the tree...wonder what's up with that?

  8. Odd, isn't it? On the cherry tree in front of my kitchen window, there is ONE single black shrivelled cherry left over from last year June that is still hanging on - in spite of thunderstorms later in the summer, hard rain in the autumn, snow and more strong winds in winter. I wonder what its secret is!

  9. Any that are too damaged to pick on oiur trees quickly drop off in the wind (and then the birds get them).


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