Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What Colour Is Today?

2013-03-20 roses

A friend unexpectedly brought me these roses today – and treated me to lunch as well! A nice break in the monotony of the cold that is still holding us in its grip.

Not sure why, but while admiring the subtle colours of the roses (later, when on my own again), a thought floated through my head that yellow roses were very appropriate for a Wednesday…

Er… What?!

Which made me realize that I think of the days of the week in different colours, but I have little idea why.

Taking a quick look around the internet - it seems I’m far from the only one to associate the days of the week with colours; but there also does not seem to be any universal truth as to how it should be. (And I can’t even say for sure if they’ve always been the same for me.)

Here’s how they appear to me:

Monday – blue
Tuesday – a pale pink (I think!)
Wednesday – yellow
Thursday – brown
Friday – dark green
Saturday – light green
Sunday – red

Now I’m curious: What do you see??


  1. Your roses are just gorgeous, and so delicate. Days of the week being colors, gosh I don't see the connection. Well, I understand red, but why would Friday be dark green, it should be red for weekend FUN! BUT flowers whisper to me!

    1. There's no logic - possibly with some sounds, in my own language, with some of the days vs colours, but all of them can't be explained that way. So I don't know. That's why I'm wondering how common it is... Or not!

  2. Gorgeous roses ^_^, they always look good whenever. I like your idea of one colour for each day of the week.
    enjoy your week

    1. Oh yes, I can certainly enjoy the roses any day of the week!

  3. the roses are wonderful, would have been the coulour of my choice.
    to me somehow they are not yellow, but cream-colour with pale pink and green ;-)

    see the days in different colours, I have them too. maybe it is a kind of synaesthesia? I spent a long time in japan, and the japanese names for the weekdays are really colourful, so I associate days with different colours and feelings at the same time:
    monday=moonday=pale creamy white (cool, well lighted)
    tuesday=fireday=red-orange (burning fierce, hot, powerful energy)
    wednesday=waterday=light blue-turquise (light, glimmering, flowing, subtle)
    thursday=woodday=dark green (deep smell, rest & breathe)
    friday=goldday=rich glowing (wealthy)
    saturday=earthday=ochre brown (good ground under my feet, well going)
    sunday=sunday=bright yellow (warm, well sheltered)

    strange? I never thought about it. it's always been like this, that I mix different senses.

    1. That's interesting, Mo - thanks for sharing. (Not one colour in common with "mine", I notice! But then I have no bond whatever to Japan or the Japanese language.) I suppose it is a form of synaesthesia ("union of senses") (I had forgotten about that word so thanks for reminding me). I've never given it much thought either, it's just a vague thing at the back of my mind. - As for the roses, they are a pale yellow tinged with pink (and yes green too). They look more yellow seen from the side, more pink seen from above!

  4. The roses are so beautiful! Love that soft creamy glow they have.
    As for seeing the days of the week in different colours, I once posted about that, here:

    1. Thanks for the link. Interestingly, I'm not so sure the colours I see with the weekdays also necessarily correspond to a special mood with me.

  5. I have never thought to associate colours with the days of the week...this is a fascinating concept. I just love certain days more than others.
    It's strange too, I can figure out the day just by looking outside if I have forgotten what day it is, and sometimes I can even tell the time this way.
    Loved your roses, gorgeous they are. That's a very nice friend to think of you and take you out for lunch to get away from the house.

    1. Now that sounds like an extraordinary talent, Virginia. The time maybe, because of the light... But I could not tell the day of the week by looking out of the window (unless, perhaps, by some such routine as happening to see the garbage truck coming to empty the bins etc).

  6. i don't see days in colors, have never thought about it, and now that you bring t up still don't. i see days as dreary or bright, as in overcast or sunshine, overcast days Gray is a color, make me feel down and blue... ha ha on that one and sunshine makes me happy.... yellow flowers make me feel happy, i do know that. so colors do matter... i look at the weather on tv and start to think Monday and Tuese will be great days, sunshine forecast, and thursday will be no sun, so phooey.

    1. Sandra, the colours I somehow associate with the names of the days have nothing to do with weather or my weekly routines or ups and downs in mood. I think it's more to do with what the names sound like (esp in Swedish) even if with some of them it's not obvious.

  7. I don't associate days (or many other things either) with colours. I have a friend who sees all numbers as colours though.


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