Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sitting Comfortably


I think I promised someone a picture of my new ‘office’ chair when it arrived… Here it is now!

Not sure I got round to blogging about it at the time, but about two months ago I was told I had to return a chair I’d had on loan for twelve (!)  years – because of a change in regulations. (What diagnoses entitle you to what technical aids etc.) I might have been offered to buy the old chair, but considering how long I’d had it and that it would soon be in need of repairs, I decided to buy a new one. Especially since I had been thinking for a while of getting one with a higher back and neckrest anyway. So I just asked (and was granted) to keep the old chair for an extra month to have time to get a new one.

About three weeks ago I went to an office furniture showroom on the outskirts of town (had to take a taxi because the place is not easily accessible without a car) and tried out a good ‘professional’ chair and ordered it in the fabric of my choice. I was told I might have to wait 4-5 weeks, so I hadn’t expected to get it before Easter. It was a nice surprise when I got the phone call today to inform me it had arrived and that they could deliver it to me today.

The chair is flexible in almost every possible way and in spite of demonstrations it might take me a while to figure out my own optimum comfort settings… What I’m already appreciating though is the possibility to lean back and rest my neck when not actively writing or using the mouse. I might even fall asleep in this chair Winking smile


  1. I saw this on Facebook and loved the color at first sight. Also in the video I really like the multiple ways you can adjust the headrest. Pleasant dreams...

  2. It really looks great - comfortable, perfect choice of colour, and I love how tidy and cosy at the same time your room looks!

  3. Wow, that is some chair....top of the line technology....you did well....enjoy your new friend...oops sorry chair.

  4. it sure looks like the Cadillac of office chairs... and it looks good to, that is a plus... glad it came early. i will be posting about my new OLD chair and how we found it. i found one in an office chair store but did not want to pay 250.00 for it...sooooo

  5. Your new chair looks very comfortable! And I love the choice of fabric.

  6. Wonderful - attractive and fit for purpose. I hope you and it get to know each other well over the next twelve years.

  7. Thanks all! And yes this is one relationship that had better work out, considering the cost ;)

  8. looks like a great chair. just a bit ago I posted about my old scraggy chair, looking for a new comfy one also.

  9. It does look the bee's knees: the Rolls Royce of chairs. Happy sitting.


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