Friday, 12 July 2013

A Swedish Inn


After our visit to The House of Glass we had lunch at the local inn, Limmareds Värdshus.


The inn was founded in 1962, after an old hotel in the village had been destroyed by fire, and a new restaurant was needed. The low building (2nd picture) was moved from another town and added as wing to the big house (1st picture), which was originally the residence of the managing director of the glassworks (but in 1962 owned by the municipality).


In the ceiling there are signs with proverbs.


“You should eat to live, not live to eat.”
“Eat little and say little, and you will have no regrets.”

(I have to say I’m not sure I ever actually heard the latter saying before.)


Wooden garden sculptures at the entrance.


  1. It's a beautiful and interesting building.

    1. PS. Is it usual to move buildings or had this one special historic significance.

    2. I don't know about Sweden Adrian but it's commonplace in New Zealand. People often 'move house' quite literally.

    3. In this case I'm not sure, Adrian. There was a sign in the inn that just said it had been moved from another town in 1962 - and some distance away too. It puzzled Per and me too, so afterwards I looked for more info on the internet; but found only confirmation of the fact, no proper explanation. I guess they needed an extension for the two-storey-building, and this one (a former coffee-house in a town on the east coast) was for sale and fitted the style... well, at least sort of!

  2. the building is beautiful.. and the quote i need to memorize and say it many times a day...

  3. That's an interesting old building, and I love the signs/proverbs on the ceiling.
    I found it strange that a restaurant would have these words: "Eat little and say little, and you will have no regrets.”
    I have never heard that saying either.

  4. Ser mysigt ut :) Ha en skön helg!


  5. Stupid me, I was trying to read the sayings on the ceiling! I have heard the first saying a lot, but like you, not the last one!

  6. Add me to the list who haven't heard the second saying. I is rather a good one though if not necessarily for a restaurant where one eats and socialises.

  7. "Eat little" on display at a restaurant? I wonder who came up with that idea :-)

  8. Perhaps the 'eat little' is a way of them getting you not to complain about small portions!

    Inns and Restaurants in the UK have signs to show what they are. In the case of inns these are usually very prominent and show the name with an illustration of it - e.g. The Brown Cow with a picture of a brown cow. I can't see anything on the outside of this building. How do you know it's an inn without actually going up to the door and seeing the menu?

  9. There were signs, John... I just did not catch them in my pictures. No fancy pictures as it's a plain name, just Limmareds Värdshus (inn).


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