Wednesday, 10 July 2013

More from The House of Glass (III)

From the contemporary art exhibition:



Kjell Engman:
”This is the Borderland
the Blue Lagoon, the liquid
and the solid.
There a bird hangs,
the bird symbolizes freedom.
The flow of water is constant,
the water has frozen into glitter.

[translation by me]




Heli Heino:


Hand-blown glasses displayed in a window

CIMG5459-001 CIMG5458-001

The chairs are antique furniture upholstered with new fabrics in patterns designed by the artist.


  1. Borderland is just superb. The one below 'Sun?' is almost it's equal. The glasses leave me cold. Glasses are for drinking out of. It's what's in them counts.
    It's a great place. Thanks for the post.

    1. I realize it's the second and third works I like. The first is fine but not for me.

    2. To be fair my photo of the Blue Lagoon glass sculpture probably does not quite do it justice (it was hard to get a good angle of it as it was high up in a glass cabinet). I really like No 2 as well but I'm afraid my own reflection is interfering with the work of art in that photo :)

  2. those first three are really really awesome.. i love the first one best of all... i would so much like to visit this place

  3. The second and third pictures are truly stunning, I've never seen anything like it. As for the chairs... I looked twice, to make sure they are not made of glass :-)

    1. Heli Heino is an artist who works with various materials, Meike: different painting techniques, textile and glass.

  4. This must be the blue section. WOW, the first photo is really awesome, you could look into it forever. Did they have blue lights on it, or was it actually blue glass? The plates look almost like companion pieces, especially the first one with the fairies.

  5. Beautiful glass, love the blue colours :)

  6. The second one is by far my favourite. Thanks for showing us round.

  7. 'Off with the faires' was the first thought that came to mind for me when I saw it, John... I like it too! ;)

  8. I really am not certain which of the first three I like best. It's probably between the first two. I'm not keen on the glasses. On the whole I prefer to drink out of clear glass although cut crystal can be very attractive and good to drink out of if it's clear.

    1. I prefer to drink out of clear glasses as well - especially if the drink has a colour in itself. If I had the space (and money) I can well imagine having some artful glasses like that just as decorations though. I like the third one from the right, with the blue... what would you call it in English? stem? hand grip?

  9. I loved these glass art pieces, especially the first one.


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