Tuesday, 13 August 2013

More Greetings from the World

Recently Received7

1. From Germany
2. From Ukraine: ‘Wedding in the Kyiv Province, 1891’
3. From Russia

Recently Received9

4. From São Paulo, Brasil
5. From England: All Saints Church, Brockhampton
6. From Germany
7. From Canada: Parliament Buildings, Victoria B.C.
8. From John in England: ‘Happy Postcrossing’

Thanks John, for the inspiration to join Postcrossing.
My letterbox is a lot happier these days.



  1. When I saw these first three pictures, I thought you had snapped them!!! And I was thinking, oh gosh, what's going on there now? These are ALL great postcards!

    1. Maybe I should have put "postcards" instead of "greetings" in the title.

  2. you continue to get amazing cards from all over the world.. i love the one with the door, i think i have a thing for doors.

  3. Postcrossing is tempting but for the time being I'll just enjoy the postcards that you post on line.


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