Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Butterflies


I was happy the other day to find another kind of butterfly visiting the little park which over the past few years I have come to think of as my Butterfly Park (but which recently seemed to have been abandoned by them). On Monday afternoon  this week I found about half a dozen or so Painted Ladies fluttering about, enjoying the flowers. A very welcome sight! :) Not very willing to pose for proper macro photos though, so I had to zoom them in from respectful distance.


Painted Lady, Cynthia cardui or Vanessa cardui.
Tistelfjäril in Swedish.


According to the Swedish Wikipedia article, this butterfly migrates here from Southern Europe in the spring, and the ones we see now are the second generation. They cannot hibernate in our climate.



  1. The last picture is amazing, he really does look painted, and I see his long sticky tongue in the flower, too!! And in the first picture you really captured the green body and fur. This is one of your best posts! I don't know if we have this kind of butterfly in our area.

  2. they are so pretty and that last one shows why they are called painted ladies,i love the detailed painting on it. I am happy for you they came back to YOUR butterfly garden

  3. Wow....these are just so beautiful.
    I know I've asked before, but remind me again, what kind of camera are you using? The photos captured are lovely.

  4. These are Distelfalter in German, very similar to the Swedish word!

  5. Butterflies are so great, but so hard to capture. Kudos!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Coincidentally I have today blogged butterfly pictures as well.


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