Thursday, 16 January 2014

Postcard from Hungary


I must share this wonderful postcard that arrived today. It’s my first Postcrossing card from Hungary (and as far as I can recall, the first card I ever received from that country).

The image on the front is matched on the back with stamps by the same artist:


Károly Reich (1922-1988) was a Hungarian artist best known for his children’s books illustrations. The sender of the card informes me that he is still one of the most famous and favourite illustrators in her country.

I wrote his name into Google Image Search, and many more wonderful, happy, colourful pictures came up... I think I’ve found a new favourite! Smile


  1. this one is such a HAPPY postcard, makes me smile to look at it.. even the back of the card is pretty

  2. The elderly lady (97) that I visit each week is from Hungary. I must share this with her. What wonderful pictures, and stamps. I will google him myself.

  3. It has a very olden days charm to it.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Sandra summed it up - it's a happy card. It's lovely to receive cards that make you smile straight away. And a new country is also always welcome.

  5. I am sure I saw several children's books with Reich's illustrations in them when I was a child, the style looks very familiar to me. Wonderful, and just right for a grey, dull January day like this!

  6. It was the stamp that fascinated me. I've never collected stamps since I was a very small child but I do recall that Hungary had Magya Posta on their stamps. It's odd what one can remember from one's youth.


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