Monday, 1 September 2014

Bear With Me


The Brown Bear is the hugest predatory animal in Scandinavia. An adult male can weigh 150-300 kilos, the females 100-200. A few years ago at our zoo the bears were allotted a considerably larger area there than they had before. In fact they have so much space now where they can hide (if they want to), that sometimes when you visit, you don’t see any! That was the case last time I visited the zoo, a couple of years ago. Then I could just barely spot a bit of brown fur behind a rock, and got no pictures. I was beginning to think I would have no more luck this time, because when I first walked around Bearland (above), I did not see any sign of activity there at all.

However, after I’d had my lunch (at a restaurant situated between Bearland and Wolfland) I had better luck. Now the bears were not only up and about on land; the young ones were well in the mood to go swimming and put on a wrestling show for tourists too.









- I challenge you…


- Okay, here we go. Let’s make that bridge shake…




- Yes, using teeth is allowed!


- Now who is stronger…


- You know I love you really, don’t you?


- Enough is enough. Time to get up…


Shakin’ it off…



- I’ll tell you a good trick you can use next time…


- Phew, now I really just want a good rest in the sun…


  1. I enjoyed the pics and the 'story'. Do you really have bears in Sweden?

  2. Yes Graham, we do have wild bears in Sweden. Back in the early 1900s they were nearly extinct but now there are about 3000 of them (mainly in the northern parts of the country) and they are no longer regarded as an endagered species. But the hunting of them is very strictly regulated.

  3. HELP! I am smiling and I can't Stop! these are AMAZING, i am scrolling through twice and will save this to show bob... going to post it on my facebook. the photos are FANTASTIC and they really put on a show for you this year... LOVE this post

  4. Just like my puppy playing. It is so wonderful to see how alike they all are, the young ones of different species, learning the tricks of how to survive. I'm Swedish and a blogger friend of Sandra's. When I went to Kolmarden back in 2005, a brown bear walked right in front of our car. That was really fun, as was this post. Thank you for sharing some great pictures.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Inger! :) Yes, the bears reminded me of dogs too, especially when shaking the water off! :)

  5. wow, I almost envy the brown bears' home! so beautiful! you seem to have captured the cubs at the perfect time, what a show they gave you and whoever was lucky enough to be visiting at that time.

    1. Yes Norma, the bears really "made my day" at the zoo, and seemed quite happy themselves too.

  6. The one where they are in the water, looking at each other nose to nose, is so great!!
    Very cool story and pictures, Monica!
    Just yesterday I read an article in the ZEIT about the return of the mighty Grizzly in Yellowstone. After decades of protection, the population has recovered so much that there have been proposals of re-introducing the permission to shoot Grizzlies in certain circumstances (not inside the borders of National Parks).

    1. Thanks Meike. That's one of my own favourite shots from that day as well :)

  7. You got awesome shots! I love him looking for honey in the stump, and the two of them kissing!! Your first picture is gorgeous with the color of the water and the reflection.

  8. Perfect images. You really managed to capture their life and habits, and it's just wonderful!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. These were the cutest bear photos I have ever glad you decided to go to the zoo for your birthday and take us along with you.
    Happy Belated Birthday my friend,,,may you live to enjoy many many many share the same birthday with my brother and he was a terrific guy, so you must be pretty special too.
    Happy 59th!!!!!!!


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