Thursday, 11 September 2014

No Limit - Street Art Festival

Almost every day for a whole week now, I’ve been going for walks around town to watch a lot of wonderful street art appearing on previously blank walls, backstreets and dull pedestrian underpasses.

I’ve already shown some of my photos in previous posts, but here are some more.


The festival was organized by local artist Shai Dahan, who painted the mural above back in the spring, to serve as advertisment for the event. (It can be seen from cars passing through town on the motorway.)

2014-09-05 street art festival4

▲ These two murals are found on opposite gables of a big apartment building (facing different streets).▼ Artists Natalia Rak (left) & ECB (right).

2014-09-05 street art festival3

See the mural “Ophelia” by Natalia Rak come to life in this (official) video! ▼ (hope it works for you to see it!)


2014-09-06 street art, harvest festival, canoes

▲ A previously very dull pedestrian underpass, now colourfully decorated by “Appear37”

2014-08-23 regn, streetart mm

▲ Another underpass down by the river; various artists.


▲This work in a back yard/street was painted by a group calling themselves The London Police (TLP).

2014-09-05 street art festival1

2014-09-05 street art festival

Not really my favourite kind of art, and yet I have to say that even this one blends in surprisingly well with the old buildings in a backstreet. By “Simple”.



2014-09-11 street art festival

▲ By Peeta (Manuel Di Rita) – near the University.
(Whatever it’s supposed to be, it beats an empty wall.)


▲ This mural by Ekta near a major roundabout reminds of our industrial heritage (or at least that’s my interpretation!).▼


2014-09-08 street art festival

By Etam Cru (also in my post from 9 Sept)


▲ The work by Carolina Falkholt is now finished and signed. (See it in progress in my post from 8 Sept).


▲ As is the “centerpiece” by Eduardo Kobra (the work in progress previously shown in my post from 6 Sept). ▼

2014-09-11 street art festival1 

Someone asked me if all this wall art does not dominate the town too much now. Actually – I don’t think it does, because they are pretty well spread out, and you don’t see more than one piece of it at a time.

No Limit map 



  1. I even see Frankenstein!!! I like all of these, and now have seen how they were painted, thanks for that! Especially the ones in the underpass, those are really needed to cheer up such a dark and closed in space.

  2. These are just incredible. I wish I knew how they did them. It must be impossible to have any sense of perspective and colour when working so close.

  3. I really like how its spread out through the town and how you can spot it in many places. Great images!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. they are absolutely amazing, even the graffiti i love. and the peeta is my favorite, whatever it is. it looks 3 d...

  5. I quite like them, particularly the horse.

  6. Very cool! The video is good; it gives an impression of how one such work of art comes about. It will look of course very different - and not overbearing - when you are actually there in town, because as you said, you'll never see more than one mural at the same time. It is only through your posts that we get to see so many of them together in one place.

  7. They're all quite was heartwarming to see the artist in the wheelchair getting involved, so that one is my favourite.

  8. I was going to say exactly what Adrian said. How do they have any perspective when they are marking them out? They are truly amazing and although not every one is my taste I can enjoy them all. I sued to think that ll the schools decorated like that in New Zealand are impressive (and in their own way they are) but this takes building art to a new level. (No pun intended).

  9. I forgot to say how impressive, instructive and enjoyable I found the time-lapse video.


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