Friday, 5 September 2014

FMTSO: Skyline


Skyline from the lake beach near my parents’ old house, which is now up for sale. I went out there on Thursday (by bus) to check on a few details – but mostly because it was a beautiful day, and it might be my last chance of a stroll along that beach before we sell the house. (Well – in weather like this, anyway!)


Of course the beach will still be there and possible to visit in coming years as well. Just not as convenient any more when one does not have one’s own house nearby.

On the whole, though, it will be more convenient not to have the house … and maybe I’ll even be able to actually go somewhere else instead for a change!



(The house is not right by the beach
and does not have a lake view;
but it’s within close walking distance.)


  1. after it sells you can just pick a beach never seen and go wander that one.

  2. The beach pictures are bluer than blue! I really hope that whoever buys it loves it as much as your dad did.

  3. What a lovely home and location, and as you say, you are free to return and wander the beach and shoreline.

  4. What relaxing scenes. Excellent photos.

  5. Such beautiful scenery around that lake!
    When you'll be there for the first time after the house is sold, it will feel very, very strange. It still feels strange to me when I walk along the road where my grandparents used to live and come past the house where I spent so much time in my childhood and youth. It looks good now, well cared for, but it isn't the same anymore and with the sale of the house, a part of our family history went.

  6. that's so incredibly beautiful ... and this was your childhood place?
    oh my goddess - what a clear blue background for life.

  7. Beautiful pictures of a grand day.

  8. These are really beautiful. I love the sandy beach. Thank you for linking up with Friday My Town Shoot Out. Hope to see you back this Friday! Take care.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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