Monday, 13 July 2015

Mosaic Monday: Siskins

2015-07-11 Grönsiska St Birgitta

2015-07-11 Grönsiska St Birgitta1



“Hey, there’s water down there, but how on earth does one reach it?”


On Saturday afternoon, on my way back from town, I sat for a while to rest by the fountain in the old cemetery. While I was sitting there, a whole flock of these birds came swooshing down to explore. They were very small, and kept their distance (to me) and did not sit still for long. My first thought was “sparrows” but then I noticed how colourful they were. So I just kept zooming in and taking lots of pictures, hoping some would come out good enough for me to compare with my bird book when I got home.

When I did, I arrived at the conclusion they must be

European siskin – Grönsiska
(Carduelis spinus / Spinus spinus)

Quite common here in southern Sweden according to the book (and Wiki) but I can’t remember seeing them before. Maybe they were just travelling through… They were still there on Sunday morning, though. Not at the fountain, but elsewhere around the cemetery. We were back to rainy weather again then, but I went for a walk around the cemetery anyway.


  1. Such beautiful little fellows! Maybe when you saw them in the past and were not close enough, you mistook them for sparrows, which would explain why you don't think you saw them before.
    I looked them up to learn their German name (Zeisig). According to wikipedia, their favourite breeding places are firs. There aren't too many firs around my neighbourhood. That's probably why I can't remember having observed them here, but I am sure my Dad has seen them at the allotment.

    1. Thanks for the German name, Meike. My bird book lists birch seed among their favourite foods, and in that case they'll have plenty to eat in the old cemetery where I saw them :)

  2. Yes Siskin they are. I have none here but in the Highlands they eat me out of bird seed.

  3. Seeing that water splashing is so refreshing. Great bird shots as well.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. they really are cute and they do appear to be trying to figure out how to get to the water... love the fountain shot.

  5. They are splendid little creatures and I've seen them in the Stornoway woods (and posted on it back in May 2008) But never here in Eagleton.

    1. They like trees, Graham - and the rumour of the bird feeders in your garden might not have reached them, I suppose :)

  6. Pine siskins are such a sweet little bird but I have trouble telling them apart from the goldfinches at my feeder. You managed to capture some great photos of them.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  7. Pretty images of the Siskins, they are beautiful birds. Have a happy day!


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