Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Outdoor Wednesday - Alingsås (4)

Not far from the centre of Alingsås we find Nolhaga, a big estate once aquired by Jonas Alströmer (see my first post about Alingsås) in 1725. The present manor house (a bit pretentiously called "slott"=palace) was built a bit later though (by another owner), around 1780. Since the 1920's the estate belongs to the town, and serves as public recreation park.
Here are some more views from around the park:

Tidy allotments

"Fishing Villa"

Note the shape of the weather vane on the tower!



Mini pigs (for mini kids)

More ducks

Meandering river with fountains, bridges and water lilies

Parking for boats



  1. A truly wonderful park. Love those mansions and houses.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I am enjoying your holiday. The Vietnamese pigs are lovely creatures.

  3. What a pretty place, love the little piggies.

  4. Thanks for sharing this grand estate and allowing us to enjoy.

  5. Lovely mansions. I melted when I saw the family of mini pigs all resting.
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  6. It's a beautiful park! Is the mansion open to the public, too? Do they use it for concerts, exhibitions and the like?
    To have a fish as a weather vane is certainly unusual, but it fits!

    1. Meike, I think it can be booked for conferences, weddings or other big parties. There also seemed to be some kind of public café downstairs (at least now in summer) but we did not go inside (as we had just had lunch in town, and had other plans for the rest of the afternoon).

  7. It rather reminds me of a rather more splendid version of the manor house in the local park where I grew up: I like the proportions. The Fishing Villa is particularly picturesque. I rather fancy going for a row on the water.


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