Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Weather

These pictures from my (short) morning walk just about sum it up, I think.  

In contrast to last week's heatwave (with temperatures going up above 30°C), we're now back to about 15°C with stong winds and rain... Swedish summer in a nutsell. (You never know which it is going to be!)

In the football field, I saw some birds and rabbits peacefully having breakfast together. 

At first I thought the birds were common magpies (which really are rather common here). 

 But their beaks were too long... 

So they must be oystercatchers. (The Swedish name for them is strandskata = "beach magpie".) They are waders, and not all that common here in the inland. 

I don't think it has rained so much yet that there are any oysters to be found in the football field. But I suppose there might be some juicy earthworms!


  1. Great photos! It's been raining really hard here for a few days so I've seen my share of puddles too! Love seeing the bird and rabbit together.

  2. Oystercatchers they are.
    It is cooler here this week. It was too hot last week.

  3. maybe he/she got blown away from the shore in the wind and rain and ended up with the rabbit. i like the puddle pic

  4. A truly unexpected place for coming across oystercatchers!
    My Mum says she had 41 Celsius in the shade on her balcony on Sunday afternoon... Monday was still very hot, and Tuesday too, but yesterday and today are offering something of a break with a bit of rain and strong wind. Forecast for tomorrow and the weekend is hot, hot, hot yet again. I love it - it's summer, after all, and will be over before we know it.

  5. Oysters on the football does that happen?
    Nice photos of your walk.

  6. I wish it would cool off here, when it rains it just steams.

  7. I've seen Oystercatchers more and more inland in recent years. I suppose that gulls have moved inland for years so why not other birds too.

  8. Wonderful photos of your walk even though by rainy day...

  9. Very costracted weather after hot weather, but a few water is a necessity for plants, ground was too dry.greeting from Belgium

  10. It's mixed here too but mostly cold and wet. The hot, sunny weather is being reserved for Wimbledon and the South.

  11. Thanks all for your comments. About the oystercatchers coming inland, we do have the river, and also several lakes in the area. And there are freshwater clams in some of those waters too - I know as I used to find shells on the beach at the lake near my parents' house. This is the first time I saw these birds on the lawns next to my building here in town, though. :)


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