Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name…


‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ – or so Shakespeare and other poets claimed.

But I say: Woe To You if  “rose” happened to be your password on the internet, and you forget… Then you might try the name of every other sweet-smelling flower you can think of, but it won’t get you anywhere!

I owe the Internet Giants an apology. I claimed the other day, on this blog, that I was again having trouble posting to Blogger from Windows Live Writer… Well I had. But it turned out to be my own doing.

What happened was that I had been fiddling around with my blog account settings in an attempt to solve another problem I’ve been having (to do with email notifications). And while experimenting to see if I could fix that (so far no luck) I had managed to remove from the blog account the email address that WLW was supposed (instructed by me) to post to.

So Google was really just being a good watch-dog, protecting me from hacking attempts.


As soon as I put that missing email address back on the account  there was no longer any problem.


One of my biggest fears is that one day I’ll wake up and find all the different combinations of letters and numbers that control my life gone from my head (usernames, logins, passwords, pin codes…)

Without them – would I even exist? By any name at all?


Ruby Tuesday Too


  1. I just had to repeatedly report a scam post in my facebook. Some siilly people simple click and infect others.

    1. Yes Ann, one had better be careful out there ;)

  2. Anyone who watched the British Tv series 'Ther Prisoner' in 1967 may recall the catchphrase 'I am not just a number'. Now, it seems, we all are.

    1. In Sweden we certainly are. You can't really do anything at all in this country without your personal ID number (issued by the Tax Agency and including your date of birth). You need it for any contact with authorities or health care or banks or employment or business deals etc.

  3. Actually, "being a number" has its advantages - anonymity, which is a safeguard to privacy, is one. Another one is that a number can be assigned as a unique identity marker, as opposed to a name. How many Jane Smiths do exist in the world, for instance? How do we know we are dealing with the "right" Jane Smith? But if Jane Smith signs in with an account number that is uniquely hers, and hers only, then we can be (relatively) sure that she is the one she claims to be.
    [This in response to John's comment.]

    Very beautiful rose, Monica!

    As for passwords etc., I keep them all somewhere safe (I hope) on paper. Can't rely on my mind alone! I rarely have to look one up, just every now and then when I need to access a shop etc. on the internet that I use only once or twice a year.

    1. Yes, I too of course have things written down... The trouble usually arises when the settings on different accounts are interacting with one another. It's easy to forget that changes on one site might affect others too - especially with the kind of sites or apps where you usually remain logged in (until you do some change like that and suddenly find yourself cut off!)

  4. Wonderfull pics this roses,greeting from Belgium



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