Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ruby Tuesday

Some more photos from my walk to the Textile Fashion Center & Museum on Saturday.


Colourful flowers on the railing of one of the many bridges crossing the river in Borås town centre.

CIMG5059   CIMG5060

This plant in one of the parks was recently mentioned in our local newspaper. It’s an agave plant. When grown in greenhouses (as ours are – they are taken in every winter and planted outdoors again only for the summer), it is rare for them to bloom – and it takes decades before they do. But this one is about to now. Whether I’ll happen to be passing again at just the right time to take photos of it at its best, remains to be seen.


The Textile Fashion Center, including Textile Museum and Textile College, café/restaurant and a number of textile related businesses.


The sculpture House of Knowledge by Jaume Plensa, acquired by our town last year and placed in a symbolically powerful position between the Textile College and the rest of the University.


Lounge area in the entrance hall within the Center.


The sculpture Cloned Frogs on Gala Dress by William Sweetlove (that for a while seemed to appear all over town) now resides here, too.

You’ll find several older posts of mine both about the Textile Museum and the sculptures by clicking on the label Textile Fashion Center below.

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  1. i remember the red dress. i love that metal sculpture and the lounge is beautiful to. i could not believe agave growing there, they are common here, but i saw you said they nove it inside. the blooms are rare here to

    1. Yes, our winters are of course much too cold for the agave. There are other exotic trees/plats as well that they keep "hidden" in greenhouses over winter here and then put back out in summer to give us a bit of exotic feeling :) Like palm trees.

  2. Fabulous red dress sculpture and soooo original `...love seeing architecture too... We have a textile school here too but they are much more moderate ( ha ha) I should snap a few pictures ... for the meantime I'm enjoying a walk with you ..Thanks for sharing...Hugs

    1. Zaa, the Textile Fashion Center including college and museum moved into these newly renovated old factory premises last year so everything is tip-top.

  3. My grandma had a potted agave which lived in her garden during the summer and indoors in winter. Although I've known that garden and the agave all my life - until my grandma died and the house was sold, which were nearly 40 years altogether - I've never seen it in bloom.

    1. Meike, I think the article in the local newspaper says it takes 50 years until it blooms!

  4. House of Knowledge grows on me the more I see it.

  5. I first saw House of Knowledge in Chatsworth Park years ago. It was then in Antibes for a while and now you have it. It is a wonderful sculpture.

  6. Love that House of Knowledge sculpture and it now sits in the perfect setting. I hope you manage to catch the agave in flower. One of mine flowered this year, gave me quite a surprise!

  7. John, Adrian, Pauline... Although I've got lots of pictures of The House of Knowledge sculpture from last year when it first arrived, I still can't resist snapping more photos whenever I happen to visit it - especially on a day with a blue sky like this. I think this sculpture will always be super-special to me because I already knew it from the Blogworld since before. I remember thinking when I first heard that it was to come here, that it must be copy, or just on loan - as I had seen photos of it in Antibes. Sometimes I wonder if it misses the sea.So far I haven't managed to get a word out of it how it feels about that... ;) But symbolically, I do think it's in a very good place here.


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