Tuesday, 19 January 2016

More Snow


No sooner had I turned my mind back to last summer (previous post), than I woke up to these views this morning… About 20 cm of new snow had fallen during the night, on top of what was there yesterday.


The snowfall stopped later in the morning, and  I ventured out for a short walk to take some photos. No need to go far… Snow does have a magic quality of changing the most ordinary view.




“Snow is … socially and conversationally a special and awkward case, as it is aesthetically pleasing, but practically inconvenient. It is always simultaneously exciting and worrying. Snow is thus always excellent conversation-fodder, but it is only universally welcomed if it falls at Christmas, which it almost never does.”

Kate Fox, Watching the English
(A book I got from a friend in England for Christmas).

The quote refers to English weather conversations; but I’d say it applies rather well to the southern parts of Sweden as well. We may in general get a bit more snow than England – but we do share much of the same uncertainty about the weather, never knowing for sure what to expect.  



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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Janet. As the quote says, fresh snow does look 'aesthetically pleasing' even if from other aspects it's incovenient...

  2. It does look beautiful. Our snow is well past it's best.

    1. Adrian, old snow does tend to be nothing but inconvenient, doesn't it!

  3. Very beautiful! The quote applies to us here in Germany, too.
    We've not had any more snow since Sunday, and for the weekend, temperatures above freezing (around 5C) are forecast. So, if anything will come down then, it'll be rain.

    1. Still cold here, and the snow will probably stay pretty much the same in the next couple of days. Just as well... What I disklike most is when it thaws and freezes again as then it gets difficult to walk. At the moment it's not too bad (with ice creepers on one's footwear).

  4. Great photos but it is rather ironic that I just sent you a postcard saying I hoped the snow had cleared!

    1. John, we'll probably have time to exchange several more cards before the risk for more snow can be supposed to be finally over! (One arrived yesterday - thanks!)

  5. Lovely photos! Wow...a lot of snow! Beautiful!

  6. i just love that quote, it is so very true. says it all about snow. it truly is a beautiful in your photos....

  7. Everything looks fabulous in snow!


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