Wednesday, 15 February 2017



I spy with my little eye…
Some whooper swans swimming in among the reeds in the river.
From Wikipedia I learn that whooper swans pair for life, and that their cygnets stay with them all winter. So I assume the grey one here is the offspring of the two white ones, from last year.

“Spring in the air” here today – even if spring in mid February is never to be trusted…


Photos taken with my phone.

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both photos. so pretty

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a Whooper Swan! The ones around here are Mute and a few black. The reeds are very cool, they look like a layover edit. The youngster is more camouflaged than the brilliant white parents. Sorry no card in awhile. I have some kind of infection, maybe MRSA. On two antibiotics.

    1. Sorry you've not been well, Ginny. Hope the antibiotics help. I'm still coughing a little myself after my cold even if it not the kind needing antibiotics.

  3. Indeed, spring in February is not yet to be trusted! We're having three very mild, sunny days with temperatures up to 13 Celsius today. But the nights are still frosty, and for the weekend, a drop is forecast. I do not put my warmly lined wellies away yet - they are the best footwear when it snows!

    1. Meike, I'm certainly not putting any winter clothes away yet... :)


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