Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Box of Air

Yesterday, I received a text message that I had a parcel to pick up. I was not too surprised that I had to go and collect it, but as all I had ordered was two sets of postcards and some stickers, I had still expected a flat and rather small parcel – not the big box that was handed to me over the counter. I had to check the address label twice to make sure it was really for me! The box was light, but still nothing seemed to be rattling around in there.

When I got home, the secret was revealed: On top of the few flat items at the bottom of the box, were 20 bags of Sealed Air:

170308 parcel-001

The pleasure of popping those for recycling is still ahead of me. Winking smile

(Little My - Moomin character - sticker)


  1. That is funny, since it was nothing breakable! But I have to say that the sender was extra careful in packing! Better than the other way around. And now you have a nice box. Too bad there is no use for those air thingies.

  2. it would seem that should have been in one of those puffy envelopes. sometimes things come like that but the majority of the time I get puff air bags to and sometimes stuffed with enough brown paper to have killed a tree

  3. HaHa they just didn't want to cards to break!!!

  4. My Mum is part of Amazon's product tester program and has stuff arriving at her place several times a week. More often than not, things are packed in enormous boxes with way too much room. It seems so inefficient, taking up unnecessary space in storage and during transport. But I guess it is cheaper for commissioning when they have just a small variety of sizes of boxes instead of the "just right" one for each item.

  5. Like Meike's Mum I get quite a lot from Amazon (though not as a tester it's just part of Island living) and their packaging can sometimes be almost amusing. Rather like yours in fact.


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