Monday, 6 March 2017

Never Trust the Weather


Very little snow all winter – until now, a week into March…!


Yesterday it snowed and snowed (and with quite a strong wind blowing too), and I did not set foot outside. Today I did, though. Just for a short walk around the neighbourhood – but I still needed all the winter gear…


There’s always a certain magic to fresh and untouched snow.
Even in the month of March.


Why no children out playing? you might ask. The answer is that these photos were taken around 1 p.m. on a weekday, and at that time of day most children would be in school or daycare… 



Panorama view over football (soccer) field with untouched snow.


When I got back in and looked out onto my balcony, there was evidence that “someone” had come calling while I was out… but changed their mind! (…right in front of the balcony door…)

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  1. Little bird footprints! No food about, he may have been visiting for a handout. Wow, this is a considerable amount of snow!! We have had almost no snow either. But supposed to get some this coming weekend. I bet it will be just like yours. I find a certain sad beauty in a deserted playground. The animals on springs are looking for the children! I like those swings! Two seats and a tire.

  2. cute prints in the snow... good thing you have your bright spring kitchen to counteract the late snow. it is beautiful and I like the swing sets alone in the snow

  3. Your little visitor saw that you weren't in and went away again :-)
    I agree, fresh snow has something magic to it. But I am sorry for the animals and plants that were all ready for spring. Hopefully, it won't last long and not become too cold.

  4. Lovely and creative wintry shots ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  5. Your snow is pretty. The month I spent in Oregon it was 24 days of rain out of 28. But it was so GREEN....that was nice.

  6. All it needs is blue sky and it would be perfect - well for pictures not for living with.


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