Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunshine, Architecture and Classic Cartoons

After the wintry setback last week, we had a beautiful sunny weekend with blue skies and milder temperatures.

Yesterday, I went for a walk through a central part of town with many older buildings, but also new apartment blocks in between. I took some photos focusing on the variety in styles.







The goal for my walk was the Cultural Centre, which comprises theatre, library and art museum.


The tower you see sticking up in the background belongs to the town’s biggest church (from around 1900), opposite the main entrance of the Cultural Centre building.


The camera always has a struggle getting the perspective of this building right…

(The “exclamation mark” on the left in the foreground is a sculpture of which the bottom part is a terrestrial globe.)


At the Art Museum I bought a new annual museum pass, and had a stroll around the current exhibitions.

More or less every time that I visit art museums, I find myself wrestling the question What is art? This time, obviously the exhibitors had been asking themselves that too, as they had come up with this title for the main exhibition: “An artist is someone who was not able to be a cartoonist.”

Nevertheless, cartoons and cartoonists are the main focus of this art exhibition. Not really my specialist subject… But there were some familiar cartoon classics included:


Peanuts (♥)


Mickey Mouse


The Phantom


If I’d been a bit more bendable I’d have been able to crawl into the Skull Cave and sit for a while and catch up on all the old Phantom chronicles that I did not read back in my childhood. (I only occasionally read some daily strips in newspapers.)



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  1. You got a great perspective of the church! The buildings are beautiful. I love the color of the first one, and the style of the second one. The row itself is lovely. I am glad you bought a pass for the year, as I always enjoy the art there so much! I never read the Phantom either. But I have watched the Charlie Brown cartoons. I imagine the kids will love these skull things. Gorgeous skies there!!! Tonight we are all stocked up for the huge storm tomorrow evening. Two huge snow storms will converge on us from each side, and meet. We are to get maybe 10 inches. I know this is probably nothing to you! This will be the first big snow we have had all year.

    1. Ginny, this winter we probably haven't had as much as 10 inches at any point in time, as it has kept thawing in between. Just now it's all gone again but that doesn't mean we couldn't get another round before spring takes over for real.

  2. Looks like a fun and interesting exhibition! Good that you have bought an annual museum pass. My sister has a pass valid at many places of interest throughout Baden-Württemberg, some museums, palaces and so on. It was a birthday gift, I think, and she will be using it for the first time next week :-)

    1. PS: Interesting mix of architectural styles there. Everything looks spotless!

    2. Meike, somehow everything always looks better when the sun shines! My museum pass is valid for the Art museum and the Textile museum here in Borås. Both are good goals for a walk on a fine day for me, and I appreciate the possibility to go back to some exhibitions more than once.

  3. this is an art show I would love to visit. I am so glad you took all the different styles of buidlings. I like that they are different sitting next to each other, you have some of everything. your home town is so pretty in the sunshine

    1. Sandra, there were many objects at the cartoon exhibition but I confess most of them were "Who? What? When? Why?" to me :) So basically I was just happy whenever I recognised something... Like those that I chose to show here!

  4. Another super post Monica. It really shows some of the beauty of your city. The Peanuts cartoons were common in the UK but I don't recall where the Mickey Mouse ones appeared. I've never heard of The Phantom.


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