Saturday, 13 May 2017

Down the Road

A week ago, last Saturday, there was an event in town in connection with the grand re-opening of a street that has been more or less dug up and in general disarray for a year or more, in connection with laying down new water pipes and whatnot.

*Västerlånggatan, January 2017

Now the job has been finished at last, and besides new pipes under ground, we have a new visible water feature on the surface, in the shape of a narrow canal with running water and little basins with splashing fountains. The project has been much discussed along the way (couldn't the money have been spent on something more useful etc) – but whatever our opinions may be, it’s here now. And last weekend the Spring Sun joined in the opening celebrations and made it all look rather pleasant and cheerful and relaxing.

There were also peace offerings of free ice cream, festive brass music, balloons for the children, and (for some mysterious reason) a group of marching soldiers (or actors) dressed in 17th century uniforms.

(The expression “bread and circuses” comes to mind…)


170506 Återinvigning Västerlånggatan, Karolinermarsch




170506 Återinvigning Västerlånggatan, Karolinermarsch2

The main square is just a block away.

170506 Återinvigning Västerlånggatan, Karolinermarsch1

Guess which drummer became everyone’s favourite? Winking smile

*Västerlånggatan: “West Long Street”.
We also have an East Long Street (Österlånggatan).

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  1. Well done and so much prettier than just a street. Love the little drummer boy.

  2. Well, I was going to ask why on earth one street would take over a year! But after seeing these delightful additions, I now think the wait was worth it! Their uniforms are the colors of your flag!

  3. your favorite soldier is mine also. adorable and I love the marching soldiers and the water fountain is beautiful. my hubby goes on and on and on because our police dept is built on the river in a prime spot...

  4. One thing that the new canal and fountains have added - which I think most of us weren't really quite able to imagine beforehand - is the relaxing sound of running water in the midst of city life. Something that I think we'll appreciate especially in the summer.

  5. A great day for the street party! How nice to be offered free ice creams; it reminds me of the free cake you told us about, which is given to the townspeople once a year (I think).

  6. It's good to see the result after all the disruption.


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