Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pretty in Pink


Photos snapped with my mobile phone today in the Town Park. The cherry blossom trees in this park are of a kind that bloom a bit later than those in some of the other parks around town. I like that, because that means we get to enjoy lovely pink trees for a longer period of time…

I also couldn’t resist these lovely pink tulips covered in raindrops. The rain had stopped when I walked into town (after ten) but it was misty, humid, and very still. And the birds in the trees giving a joyful concert!



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  1. The rain on the tulips is gorgeous!! And so are the trees. It is good they bloom so late, in case of early spring freezes like we had. I think my favorite is the tulips, you really captured the scene so beautifully.

  2. Pink is such a great colour in nature, isn't it! I wish we had some blossoms left on the trees, but that period has ended about two weeks ago and we'll have to wait for another year before this particularly beautiful time of year comes back.
    Things here seem pretty much in summer mode already. No wonder, since we've been having 27-28 Celsius already yesterday (forecast to be dropping to around 15 again tomorrow...).

  3. so pretty, natures pink is wonderful to see and love the rain drops, we are praying for raindrops here...

  4. Amazing pink colors. It's so lovely to see. Thank you for linking up with Through My Lens.


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