Friday, 12 May 2017

Postcards for the Weekend: Traditional Costumes

Zeeuwse Klederdracht

Zeeuwse klederdracht – Zeeland dress (NL)
(Zeeland = a province in south-west Netherlands)
(From Jarina in the Netherlands, May 2017)

I’m fascinated by the contrasts in these traditional costumes – the intricate lace headgear (reminding me of angels’ wings!) vs the clogs.



Traditional costume worn by the Sami people (Laplanders) in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Postcrossing card from Finland, 2013 – FI-1798022



Traditional costumes from Hallingdal, Norway.
Postcrossing card from Norway, 2014 – NO-103183


Pojkar från Rättvik

Boys in folk costumes from Rättvik, Dalecarlia, Sweden
(A size A5 postcard by photographer Laila Durán; bought at a photo exhibition of her work that I visited back in 2013.)


160329 CZ-858154

Traditional costumes from Moravia (CZ)
Postcrossing card from the Czech Republic, 2016 - CZ-858154



Maiden costume from Arkhangelsk province, Russia, 18th century.
Postcrossing card from Russia, 2015 – RU-3443023



Boating Maiko Girls, Kyoto
Postcrossing card from Japan, 2014 – JP-567064


Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the weekend 37: Traditional costumes


  1. You have gotten a lot of costume cards! The one from the Czech Republic looks like a wedding photo. The Russian one looks so cumbersome and hot! The Japanese ones are very pretty!

    1. Ginny, folk costumes are on my wish-list at Postcrossing :)

  2. As always, wonderful cards. Love the Japanese one.

    1. Janet, I'm always thinking it must take them hours to get dressed... and can one even manage it without help?

  3. looking at these I will say what I always say when I see photos of how people dressed many years ago. I am soooooo happy I do not have to wear those clothes

    1. As much as I like looking at them, I have to agree with you, Sandra!

  4. What a great selection. That Lapp one is so colourful.

  5. Wow Monica! A lot of postcards with beautiful traditional costumes here in your page. It's so hard to pick a favorite from the functional & simple to elegant & intricate designed ones! Wonderful!

  6. The Sami dress always seems both beautiful and practical.


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