Sunday, 16 July 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday

It's raining here this Sunday... But never mind - I still have more sunny pictures from earlier in the week to share!

We're now leaving the enclosed beach area, crossing a bridge over the river, and going for a little walk  along a path with the river on one side, and summer cottages on the other. 

 No diving from the bridge, please!

Melampyrum nemorosum is an herbaceous flowering plant in the broomrape family, Orobanchaceae. It is native to Europe. In Sweden it is called "natt och dag" (Night and Day).

I was happy to find this beautiful flower growing here by the river. I'm not sure if it's really rare, but I've only seen it in one other place before that I can remember - and that is in a certain spot close to where we had our house (at the other end of the same lake). There I remember it even back from my early childhood, when the house belonged to my grandparents, and I sometimes walked in the woods and fields near the lake with my grandmother. It was still growing there a few summers ago (and hopefully still is!). 

Time to turn around - and on our way back, to look at bit more at the cottages on the other side of the path... I didn't go up close to any of them, though - not wanting to intrude on anyone's private space! 

 . . .

 Shadow Shot Sunday 2


  1. you know how much I love shadows and these are wonderful. I can tell by the photos it was a perfect day for being out doors and also for beautiful photo ops...

    1. Yes it was, and I really enjoyed this opportunity to get better acquainted with my new camera :)

  2. It is certainly a beautiful place. Did you grow up in the house your parents had by the lake?

    1. No Janet, I did not - but my dad did :) The original house was built by my grandparents in 1930. In my childhood and teens they still lived there. My parents moved away when they got married and I grew up in a town and village ~100 km north of here. Then I lived another 200 km further north for ten years (age 20-30). From the late 1970s when my grandma died until the early 1990s we kept the house as summer cottage. I moved to Borås to live in 1986 (when I was 30). When dad retired in 1991, he and mum decided to move back here too, had a rather large extension added to the old house, and settled there.

  3. What a gorgeous day to take a walk with you! And I love the beautiful shadows and sun all the way through this post. Especially picture #3. The flowers are gorgeous with their deep blue color and yellow drops! I am so glad you found them. I do love wildflowers perhaps even more than showy cultivated ones. The shade, cool green, water, and must have been in Heaven on this walk.

  4. Wonderful. I am really enjoying this area so much. Of this post I love the Melampyrum nemorosum flowering plant. I don't think I've ever seen it. I would love to be able to grow it in my garden.

  5. A really lovely place, and I am glad you found those flowers here, too. Rainy Sunday for you? It's been beautiful and really, really warm in the sun here in Yorkshire all day today, after a (mostly) rainy Saturday.


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