Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Autumn Colours

Höstcollage FB 170918

We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, but some days I’ve managed to get out for a walk in between the showers.

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Ruby Tuesday Too

Through My Lens


  1. LOVE that red toadstool, would like to see one in real life, have never seen one that color

  2. The mushrooms fit in well with fall colours!

  3. Surely these mushrooms are not REAL!?

  4. The toadstools are real, and lovely to look at - but also poisonous... Fly agaric / amanita. Probably the first fungus we learn about as kids here, because we are told NOT to pick them!! They are a splash of colour in nature this time of year, though. :) I found these growing in the nearby cemetery. Actually (noticing the dents on top) I think these are both the same one, with a couple of days in between the photos.

  5. Wow, your toadstools are an amazing colour. I hope dogs don't try to eat them, but thank you for sharing them with us on Our World.
    I wrote about a completely different toadstool for my last Our World Tuesday post. You might find it interesting.
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