Saturday, September 16, 2017

Not Far To Go, Anywhere In Hjo


Square, beach walk, park, tourist office… Everything seemed to be just a short walk away in Hjo.

Ice cream café by the river



The sign on the little wooden cottage says ”soap factory”. Checking things up on the internet now, I see that in spite of the “olde” look, this seems to be a contemporary local business (in an old building) – producing and selling their own ecological soap, and related products.


The square


Hjo Church (see separate post from last Sunday)


Randomly wandering the streets on our way back to the hotel, we happened to also come across an enclosed “mystery” estate. We never quite got a grip of whether it was public or private. Either way – a charming environment for whoever it may be who is so lucky as to live there.


170730-01 Hjo centrum1



Saying goodbye to Hjo, and driving on south…

We made five more stops on that last day of our trip, on our way back home. Each of those stops involved a church; and each one interesting in its own right. (I’m pretty sure I’ve never visited so many churches on one and the same Sunday before!) … I’m thinking of saving those for “Inspired Sundays” to come (one church  per weekend); and get back to posting some other things in between.

This weekend, I’m linking to:

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


  1. I could live here, it would be like a fairyland. I love everything about it...the square, little bridge, fountain. How far is this from Boras?

  2. A couple of hours by car without stops, I suppose. We were in no hurry though, and made several stops to look at things (and for food).

  3. What a beautiful trip you've taken. I'm very impressed with how clean and tidy Sweden is.

    1. It's very touristy views that I've been presenting, Janet! and to be honest, I do think every town makes a special effort when it comes to those areas.

  4. Absolutely beautiful place to visit.
    Thank you for taking us with you!
    Have a Happy Weekend!!
    Peace :)

  5. Lovely place to walk! Thanks for joining the fun at Shadow Shot Sunday!


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