Sunday, 24 September 2017

Postcards for the Weekend – Fall Scenes

170719-170728 from Ginny 1718

From Ginny in the US, July 2017
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia

(Not sure whether this is supposed to be autumn or just evening… But it reminds me of early autumn colours anyway!)

170913-170918 from Jarina 0059

From Jarina in the NL, September 2017

170710-170714 from John 1716

From John in England, July 2017
Langdale Pikes reflected in Blea Tarn, Lake District, England

Images of the Lake District

From GB in Scotland, July/August 2017

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the weekend 54: Fall Scenes


  1. My favorite season, love the Ladybird Book

  2. I looked at the cards first before reading where they were from and would never have guessed the first was VA or in the USA... I love the views in Scotland and wow on the lake view. the squirrels here are running around like mad, they think it is autumn even if it is 90 degrees

  3. Feeling some better today, so wanted to visit, and what did I find...ME! Thanks a lot! I actually love all of these, especially the fall one with the critters. But the mountain one is gorgeous! We took the girls to the Harry Potter Festival yesterday. Maybe that was why I was sick? Egads!! Over 10,000 people, police and emergency everywhere, lines forever. By the time we even got inside the toy store, all the Potter stuff was SOLD! Plus It was 90 degrees. Can you spell the word F-A-R-C-E...

    1. Temperature like that and crowded event... Enough to make anyone sick, I'd think :(

  4. The Lake District is beautiful. Now, if only I can see it for real!

  5. Hello Monica, thank you very much for the fall postcard you sent me in time for this weekend's theme. I have it up on my page. Thank you for sharing these postcards too! The Ladybird book cover is such a treasure and I love the reflected mountain on the Langdale Pikes postcard. I wish you a nice week and a lovely fall season.

  6. All the postcards you shared are beautiful. The Ladybird book is just perfect for the theme!

  7. I'm just catching up and as I was admiring the cards I got to the last one and thought "Gosh. That's just like a card......." before I realised.


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