Monday, September 25, 2017

Up Above the Treetops


Another mural from the recent No Limit Street Art Festival. This one is on the wall of an hotel, best seen from the Town Park across the river. The artist is Fintan Magee, a muralist based in Sydney, Australia (born 1985).


3 September, work in progress


Revisited on 23rd September – now finished.


2017-09 Fintan McGee

Through My Lens


  1. Wow, I love it! In a way, taking a large building and making it more natural looking. I love the idea of the whole painting.

  2. A talented artist! It's a good way of making buildings that otherwise would not have much going for them look good.

  3. I love the view with the trees in front.

  4. Yes, one can tell that the artist has tried to "cooperate" with the natural views here. I shall have to go back and check the view from the park again when the trees have dropped all their leaves for winter!

  5. How they envisage and produce these murals is almost beyond my comprehension. I love the concept.


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